Guitar Amplifier Repair in Newark (Nottingham)

EXCITING NEWS January 2024: A new engineer has joined the repair team, job turnaround times are improving significantly (typically 1-2 weeks) and the waiting list is shrinking for the first time in 3 years! 

Same day turnaround jobs are still available on the express service for those customers who need urgent amp repair. This service is subject to parts availability.

SUPER EXCITING NEWS October 2023: The first pedal building workshop in October was a massive success with all eight participants completing their fuzz face pedals. Well done everyone! Next one is in January!

AWESOME NEWS January 2023: I’ve moved to a new premises on Hardy’s Industrial estate in Farndon, on the edge of Newark.


Keld Ampworks is a guitar amplifier repair service repairing audio electronic equipment in Newark (near Nottingham). I provide a fast and friendly service that is competitively priced. Some repairs can even be completed while you wait! Please have a look around, I’ve repaired amplifiers by all of the main manufacturers (Fender, Marshall, Vox, Peavey, Laney, Mesa Boogie) and kept my customers’ boutique and unusual designs (Cornford, Carvin, Dr Z) in top condition.

Most of the amps that I fix are valve amplifier repairs, but I do see plenty of solid state amplifiers too. I’m happy to work on modern amplifiers like Line 6 and Hughes and Kettner, but equally comfortable restoring vintage amps. Besides guitar amps, I also repair bass amps, keyboard amps and guitar/bass wiring.

Update January 2024: Thanks to an increase in the team and a larger premises I can now also take on PA equipment, speakers, keyboards and PA Mixer repairs. At this time (January 2024) I’m not available for work on DJ and home HiFi equipment. For valve HiFi I recommend contacting Classic Valve Amps in Nottingham.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve had many happy customers – if you’d like to check out some reviews of my service, please visit the feedback page (pun intended!). If your beloved guitar amplifier or bass amplifier is in need of repair, servicing, upgrading or modifying, then please do get in touch to discuss your needs.

My History in Guitar Amp Repair

Keld Ampworks Guitar amp repair was established in 2010 and moved to Newark (Nottingham) in 2012. Before Keld I studied with the Maughan Amplifier Company, a well-respected guitar amplifier repair and manufacturer in the North of England. I gained extensive experience of amp servicing in this position and during my time doing repairs and sales for Gear4Music in York. Although guitar amps are relatively simple, when repairing gear it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the theoretical as well as the practical and for this reason I completed a Masters in Electronic Engineering from the University of York.

As well as the repair and design of guitar and bass amplifiers, I worked for 7 years as a development engineer designing amplifiers for Ampetronic Ltd, a world-leading audio engineering company specialising in Audio Frequency Induction Loops. Keld Ampworks became so busy that I had to leave that job to focus on the repair industry. In 2023 I moved the business to a new industrial premises in Farndon. This move allowed me the space to expand the repair team in 2024, taking on a second engineer to repair guitar amps.   

As an active musician, playing in a range of different bands, I really do understand how crucial it is to have your gear in top condition!

Recent Amp Repairs

Here’s the work I’ve been doing recently:

Hughes & Kettner Repair
This Hughes & Kettner repair is a tube 50 brought in for a valve amp bias. The Tube 50 is Read more
PA Repair
This PA repair, a Pro Sound1000, was brought to me with a couple of reasonably common symptoms. One channel was Read more
Laney Repair
What is it with laney amps that makes me forget to photo them? This Laney amp bias GH100L just needed Read more
Dr Z Repair
Dr Z Repair - Mini Z This Dr Z Repair was a simple job. This DR Z amp is a Read more
This MXR repair, a Carbon Copy, was a simple fix. ESD (static) had destroyed 3 switching transistors used in the Read more
Trace Elliot Repair
Trace Elliot Repair - GP7SM 200W This Trace Elliot repair is actually a service. My solid state service procedure involves Read more
Marshall Repair This Marshall Repair was brought to me with one of those sneaky 'hard to find' problems. The amp Read more
Laney Repair
Laney Repair This Laney Repair was a mixed bag of several issues! The amp is a VC50 - 5 12AX7 Read more
This Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Repair is one of the more unusual problems I've come across. The Mesa was brought Read more