Behringer XR18 repair (digital mixer repair)

This Behringer XR18 repair was a digital mixer repair performed for a local secondary school – the Minster school in Southwell. The unit is in constant use at the school. I’ve previously done some PA repairs for them.

The power light began to flicker and the unit would no longer connect via WiFi.

Upon opening the unit I noticed a number of slightly venting electrolytics. These were CapXon 85 degree capacitors. They’re not great quality parts! Electrolytics degrade with temperature and load life (usage).

Testing the power supply off load the voltages seemed stable, however when the unit was loaded with the current draw from the digital section the 5V rail dropped to a very unstable 2.8V. This is no where near enough voltage for the

I gave the customer the option of replacing the power supply board with a new one from Behringer or upgrading the electrolytics on the board to some better quality 105 degree RubyCons. The new board from Behringer would presumably have had the same CapXon caps installed so the customer chose the latter option, which is probably the best choice for a unit that’s going to be on for many hours at a time in a school.

We replaced the electrolytics in the 15V and 48V supply, as well as in the 5V supply that had been drooping. The 15V supplies are used for the mic preamps and the 48V supply is used for the phantom.

After repair, the power light remained on constantly and the unit connected to WiFi. It took a moment to work out how to get the software to work, but other than that it was pretty painless!

The whole job was turned round in 24h to enable the school studio to get up and running again. Success!

Update May 2022: It was a bit of a faff to find the parts for this repair, and I’ve had enquiries from around the world on this subject, so I’ve put together a pack for the repair on my other website here.

If you need a Behringer XR18 repair, please get in touch.