Roland RH-1 RH1 power supply for Roland JV2080 repair

I recently got a Roland JV2080 in for repair. The cause of the fault was the RH-1 power supply board. This is a switched mode power supply board that Roland use in a few products. Normally I’d be fine fixing a SMPS, but Roland can’t release schematics for this board as it was designed by a contract engineering company outside of Roland. That makes things difficult. Spare PCBs are also not available.

So I decided that the most sensible thing to do would be do design a replacement. I got part way through designing it when the customer decided it wasn’t something he wanted to proceed with. No hard feelings, he hadn’t actually authorised it. So it’s my lookout. But anyway. I’ve got a half designed Roland JV2080 RH1 power supply board. I’d be glad to finish the design for someone and get their unit running again!

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