Urgent guitar amp repair – Express repairs for customers who need next day or same day turnaround

If you have an urgent guitar amp repair, I can often turn the job around very quickly. This is a special new service available for customers whose repair is very urgent or who have to travel a longer distance.

Urgent amp repair – while-u-wait and same day jobs

In some cases, I’ll be able to offer a while-u-wait or same day repair service. For this service, the fee is £79/hour. Please drop me a message to get the details.  Please note that I don’t currently have customer tea and coffee facilities at my new premises but there’s a farm shop cafe nearby.

Urgent amp repair – availability


This service is subject to availability, I cannot take in urgent repairs if I’m experiencing a high volume of regular repairs, or if other commitments (gigs, family etc) fall within the period. I cannot be held responsible for any loss of earnings resulting from a repair taking longer than expected.

Urgent amp repair fees – next day service

For this service there’s a flat hourly rate of £69/hour. Please drop me a message to get the details. 

How does the urgent guitar amp repair service work?

urgent guitar amp repair marshall-dsl

This service is non guaranteed. I’ll take in the amp on the understanding that I’m trying to get it back to you next day. If this isn’t possible, my normal fees will apply. The next day service is subject to the availability of the parts needed to complete the repair. Fortunately I carry a large stock of valves/tubes, potentiometers, capacitors, and even transformers and reverb chambers and have fast turnarounds on trade accounts with the major UK electronics distributors. If I’m unable to repair the amp by the next day, I’ll proceed with the repair, but the whole job will be charged on my next fastest rate. If I’m unable to repair next day and you need to collect the amp in an unrepaired state, my bench fee is chargeable.

What jobs are not suitable for the express repair service?

Intermittent problems are less suited to the express repair service as the higher cost leaves you paying more whilst I wait for the problem to manifest itself. However, do contact me to ask. It might be something that I’ve seen before. 

How do I get my amp repaired on the express repair service?

Please enter your details on my the normal contact page below, but select the ‘URGENT’ tickbox.