Guitar Amp Repair Services

Guitar amp repair, Bass and musical instrument amplifier repair service. Based in Newark and covering Nottingham, Lincoln and the East Midlands.

Guitar Amp Repair – New rates April 2024

Diagnostic period – £60/hour

This is the fee for opening up the amp and providing a fault diagnosis. This also covers the first hour of work. After the diagnostic period, I will contact you to provide an update. Where possible I will also estimate the duration of the repair. If after diagnosis period I believe a repair to be uneconomical I will advise of this. The diagnostic fee is the minimum labour charge for any repair and is charged even for repairs that become uneconomical.

Hourly rate – £60/hour

If you ask me to continue beyond the diagnostic period, I charge at an hourly fee. Minor parts are included in the hourly rate. More expensive items, such as valves, transformers, pickups, vintage components, power transistors etc. will be charged. I select the best value parts and offer the customer a choice of parts where appropriate.

You may set a cost limit for the repair or you can ask me to update you on progress after a certain period of work.

Valve Amp Service – £120

A typical service of a medium complexity valve amp is a 2 hour job.

  • Clean pots, check valve bases, check connectors
  • re-soldering dry joints
  • testing of and biasing of output valves
  • any preventative maintenance required
  • replacement of out of tolerance or defective components
  • output power testing

Solid state amp service includes all of the above that are applicable, but can normally be completed within the bench fee.

Valve testing – £4.00/valve

Free as part of an equipment service or repair, otherwise £4.00 per valve. Minimum of 4 valves.

Reduced Hourly rate

Longer repair jobs may qualify for a reduced hourly rate.



I guarantee work for a period of six months after repair. This does not cover any fault which is recreated due to user abuse. I reserve the right to change my guarantee in specific circumstances, with customer consent.

Uneconomical repairs and Unrepairable amps

If past experience leads me to expect that the repair is likely to be uneconomical (ie greater than the cost of a replacement amp), I will advise you of this before taking the amp in. In accepting this equipment, I believe that an economical repair is feasible, based upon the customer comments above. If, in the course of the diagnostic period I judge the repair to be uneconomic, I will inform the customer of this, but the diagnostic fee will still be charged.

Vintage amplifiers.

I am respectful of the  integrity of vintage amplifiers and will attempt to repair with appropriate parts wherever possible. In the (very rare) case that your vintage amp is missing something that I believe makes it unsafe, I will insist upon fitting such as a condition of my work. Naturally, I will not do this without consultation. If you have any concerns about the safety of your equipment, I strongly recommend contacting myself or another trusted repairer. If you have any concerns, do contact me.


I accept payment by bank transfer prior to collection.