Yamaha THR repair – THR5

Yamaha THR Repair

I thought I ought to document this Yamaha THR repair whilst I could still find the photos!

The amp had fallen from a height and the DC power input socket was damaged. Simple enough job, or it should be! Yamaha supply a an external converter to convert the mains supply into useable DC, but they use a non standard DC plug. (Note: some call it a mains socket, but it isn’t fortunately! 🙂 )

The photos show: Yamaha’s little class D amp, my PCB/ DC socket modification top side, the Yamaha SoC and RAM, the marking for the case modification, the PCB modification reverse side and the second layer of boards.

Yamaha THR repair

Yamaha THR repair

Yamaha THR repair


Yamaha THR repair

Yamaha THR repair

Yamaha THR repair
These are cool little solid state modelling amps. Sadly, for such an otherwise great company Yamaha aren’t very good at supplying spares so I was forced to fit a different socket and slightly modify the THR case to make it fit.

If you need a Yamaha THR repair, please contact me.

Here’s a video:

Roland Cube Repair – Cube 80

Roland Cube Repair

This Roland Cube Repair was a cube 80 from the ever popular Roland Cube range. These amps have a reputation for indestructibility and I’m not surprised. Despite their popularity and the hundreds of amp repair enquiries I receive, I’ve only ever had 3 Roland repair enquiries! Two were from the Roland Cube range, of which this is one. You’ve probably also seen the Anderton’s videos in which they set a Micro Cube on fire and shoot it at the local archery range! It survives the archery and the electronics survives the inferno (the paper speaker cone burns of course)!
Roland Cube Repair Jack Socket.jpg

But this one is not even really a faulty amp. The owner had used a cheap balanced jack as a guitar cable. Unfortunately the cable plug had disintegrated inside the amplifier, leaving a jack tip inside the input socket.

It was a relatively simple job to remove the rogue part, but I got an opportunity to admire the rigid construction of the amp whilst doing it.

If you have a Roland Cube repair you’re unusual(!), but please get in touch and I’ll get it sorted for you.

Fender Mustang Repair

Fender Mustang Repair Internal

This Fender Mustang Repair Internal was a fiddly job, but quickly completed. Unlike many of the expensive and vintage fender valve amps that I often get in for repair, low cost amps like the Fender Mustang, whilst they represent good value for money, must be completed quickly in order for them to be economical for the customer.


This Fender Mustang had fallen foul of an incident involving the customer’s wife, some headphones and the hoover! The amp’s headphone jack was damaged and rendered unusable. As the sockets are quite flimsy, the cusomer asked me to ‘upgrade’ the Aux in at the same time.

Replacing jack sockets is an easy job on many amps, but this one was a little fiddly. Because of the small size of the amp, the replacement socket had to not only be sturdier than the original, but also less than 9mm long! It took a bit of searching but I was able to find one to allow me to complete the Fender Mustang repair.fender-mustang-repair-mcu

Whilst inside, I took a few photos of the ‘brains’ of the unit, a Freescale DSP and an ARM microcontroller.

If you have a Fender Mustang Repair, please send me a message