Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 Repair

This Seymour Duncan Powerstage repair was a pretty simple job and was turned around next day for the customer on my express service. The customer was an American pop punk band, currently touring the UK.

Though he normally used a step down converter. Unfortunately the customer had inadvertently connected his 110V seymour duncan powerstage to UK mains (nominally 230V, really 240V) and it had blown up spectacularly.

The part that was blown up is a hifi poweramp, made by a subsidiary of Bang And Olufsen. They’re used in many amps nowadays, including Gallien Kruger, Acoustic Image, Fender Bassman 500 and Fender Tonemaster.

Icepower module replacement Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 repair

Ironically, the unit has an internal selection for 110V/230V to allow the unit to be swapped very quickly between UK and US mains. I’m not giving details of what to do online as encouraging people to meddle with mains electricity is beyond the scope of this blog!

The band’s tour manager brought the unit in for repair and I got the new power amp module delivered on next day shipping.

I set the Powerstage back to 110V operation for the customer as had a spare for UK gigs but were touring US again immediately on their return.

If you have a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 that you need repairing, please do drop me a message.