Valve amp Service

Valve Amp Service

A Valve amp service consists of:

  • Check valve bases and clean if necessary
  • Valve Testing
  • Check connectors and clean/replace if necessary
  • Check for crackly pots and clean/replace if necessary
  • Valve amp Bias
  • Any preventative maintenance required
  • Replace visually damaged or aged components
  • Output power testing
  • Representative Bench Soak Test

Valve amp service costs: Please visit this page
Valve amp Service

Solid State Service

A Solid state amp service consists of:

  • Clean pots, check connectors
  • Re-soldering dry joints
  • Any preventative maintenance required
  • Replacement of out of tolerance or defective components
  • Output power testing
  • Representative Bench Soak Test

A Solid-state amp service usual takes 1-2 hours  depending on complexity. Please visit this page for cost information

Service Guarantee

My valve amp service is guaranteed for a period of 6 months against the following:

  • faults due to damaged or worn valve bases
  • faults due to contact resistance or aged connectors
  • faults due to dry joints
  • Any fault itemised in service documentation

Please get in touch to find out more.