Roland Cube Repair – Cube 80

Roland Cube Repair

This Roland Cube Repair was a cube 80 from the ever popular Roland Cube range. These amps have a reputation for indestructibility and I’m not surprised. Despite their popularity and the hundreds of amp repair enquiries I receive, I’ve only ever had 3 Roland repair enquiries! Two were from the Roland Cube range, of which this is one. You’ve probably also seen the Anderton’s videos in which they set a Micro Cube on fire and shoot it at the local archery range! It survives the archery and the electronics survives the inferno (the paper speaker cone burns of course)!
Roland Cube Repair Jack Socket.jpg

But this one is not even really a faulty amp. The owner had used a cheap balanced jack as a guitar cable. Unfortunately the cable plug had disintegrated inside the amplifier, leaving a jack tip inside the input socket.

It was a relatively simple job to remove the rogue part, but I got an opportunity to admire the rigid construction of the amp whilst doing it.

If you have a Roland Cube repair you’re unusual(!), but please get in touch and I’ll get it sorted for you.