MXR Repair – Carbon Copy

This MXR repair, a Carbon Copy, was a simple fix. ESD (static) had destroyed 3 switching transistors used in the bypass circuitry. After identifying the fault I contacted MXR to find the part numbers of the damaged items. MXR are aware of the issue and recommended a modification to significantly reduce the likelihood of a repeat problem. I’ll take this moment to thank the guys at MXR/Dunlop (partic. Derek Jones) who provide excellent tech support.

UPDATE: 2016

I’ve since repaired many of these and I now keep the parts in stock ready for the next MXR repair.

As you can see on the photo on the other delay pedal repair page , this MXR uses surface mount technology (SMT). Some find this a little fiddly to repair and many repairers won’t touch it, but I actually prefer it to through hole!

UPDATE: 2017

The MXR ESD repair kit is now available for sale at If you’re an experienced repairer and skilled with SMT repairs then you can purchase this kit. If in doubt, just post it to me and I’ll sort it for you.

MXR Repair – Carbon Copy

If you have a an MXR Repair or a Dunlop Repair job that needs doing please, get in touch.