Marshall Repair – JCM2000 DSL100

Marshall Repair

This Marshall Repair was brought to me with one of those sneaky ‘hard to find’ problems. The amp was blowing fuses when the customer was playing it. He’d taken the amp to another repairer who hadn’t found any problems. Unfortunately the amp continued to blow fuses.

Guitar amplifier repairs of this kind often have to be treated in a different way. After an initial examination, opening up the amp and checking for any burnt components or loose joints I placed the amplifier on soak test. This involves playing a representative signal through the amp into a dummy load in the conditions that the amp was in when it was blowing fuses. During this soak test I observed that under certain conditions one of the power valves was sparking internally. I swapped the set of valves, re-biased and then placed the amp back on soak test. Since the amp wasn’t blowing fuses or sparking any longer, I decided that it was ready to go.

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