EBS Amp repair – HD360 Bass amp repair

EBS amp repair

Today I repaired an EBS amp repair on a 2 hour turnaround! The customer brought the unit to my Newark workshop from Nottingham.

EBS are a swedish brand. It’s the first time I’d worked on an EBS unit, though I’ve played alongside bassists who’ve used EBS gear and been quite impressed.  I contacted their technical support team for schematics and they were great – after I’d signed my life away they provided me with schematics very quickly.

The amp had an intermittent fault on the filter (EQ). When engaging the filter active switch there was an intermittent buzz sometimes, sometimes a very tinny treble sound, sometimes too much bass and sometimes normal operation!

The problem turned out to be with the bass control, which had an intermittent resistive short to ground at all times. Fortunately I was able to repair the bass amp with parts that I hold in stock. It arrived at 10am and was back after repair and PAT testing with the customer by 12:00.

If you need an EBS amp repair, please get in touch.

Henriksen amp repair

henriksen amp repair - henriksen bud 1

I love getting something new on the bench, so this Henriksen amp repair got me quite excited. It’s a Henriksen Bud combo.

I hadn’t heard of Henriksen before, but after a bit of research discovered that they are a US based high end solid state amp, in the same market as the Polytone and AER brands.

The owner had inadvertently shorted out the Channel 2 FX loop to the speaker and killed channel 2. This destroyed an opamp in the signal path. The amplifier uses standard components which I keep in stock so I was able to repair the amp and turn the job around within 6 hours of it arriving in my workshop.

During this repair I spoke to Henriksen by email and found them very helpful. Certain North American companies aren’t always interested in supporting their products in the UK so I’d highly recommend Henriksen based on my conversations!

If you need a Henriksen amp repair, please do drop me an email.

The owner was pleased with the job:

henriksen amp repair - henriksen bud 3

Hendriksen amp repair

henriksen amp repair - henriksen bud 2