Peavey Valve King Repair – VK100

Peavey Valve King Repair

My customer brought this Peavey Valve King repair in to me before Christmas  to get an opinion on its state of repair. The amp was blowing fuses.

The Valve King VK100 is a monster of an amp. Not fire breathing levels of gain like some Peaveys but a big and heavy brute with a classic sound.

I determined within the first hour that the fuses were blown due to a failure of the DC heater circuit. DC heaters are used to reduce the hum in high gain amps. Unfortunately the internal fuse was a soldered-in part, so I made temporary fix (pictured) to test my theory and quote for the customer, before fully disassembling the amp and replacing the part properly when the quote was accepted.Valve amp blowing fuses

Whilst fixing the heater circuit I noticed that the area of the circuit board that I was working on had been repaired previously. Unfortunately they hadn’t told him what they’d done.

After fixing the DC heaters, I tested the units full output power. It’s a 100W amp, but was only putting out about 15W. More work to do! After a bit of further investigation, the amp output 87W. Not full 100W, but within the margins of dodgy advertising!
The amp needed a couple of valve changes and a couple hours work but the owner was pleased with the result.
 Peavey Valve King Repair 2

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Peavey Repair – 6505

Peavey Repair

Sadly I forgot to photograph the amp so here’s the stock Peavey repair image! I’m not the most djenty/hardcore kind of musician, but it’s hard not to admire the level of filth before feedback that the Peavey engineers have got out of this fiery monster. This amp is a 6505, which I believe is a progression from Peavey’s 5150 amp.

As part of a service, I diss-assemble the amplifier, check output power, check all the valves in my valve tester, test all the potentiometers, soak test the unit and generally do any preventative maintenance required.

Just in for a service. No need for a Peavey repair on this day!

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