Dr Z Repair – Mini Z

Dr Z Repair

Dr Z Repair – Mini Z

This Dr Z Repair was a simple job. This DR Z amp is a 2 valve class A amp with one ECC83/12AX7 and one EL84. In this case, the output EL84 valve was faulty, the heater.

The customer asked me to replace the amp with one the fancy ‘cryo’ frozen valves from Harma. I’m not entirely sure if this changes the amp’s tone or just makes Princess Leia fancy it. Maybe if you’ve tried one, you could let me know!

This repair was easily finished within the diagnostic period. When I find a quick fix for customer’s amps I always perform a routine ‘mini service’ to ensure the customer gets their money’s worth.

If you have a Dr Z Repair job that needs doing please, get in touch.