MXR Dyna Comp repair

Dyna Comp Repair

The Dyna Comp is possibly the most famous of the compressors used on guitar. This Dyna Comp repair was similar in nature to the ESD fix that I’ve documented elsewhere in relation to the Carbon Copy pedals. 

The issue is with the switching circuit – the FX does not switch in when the pedal is pressed.

There was a small complication in the Dyna Comp repair however – this unit uses through hole components which are now obsolete. It took a very steady hand to fit the 1mm wide body of the modern equivalent part into the massive space left by faulty component, but fortunately I’ve done this before many times in R&D work.

If you’re interested in the Dyna Comp, check out my analysis of the Behringer DC9, a clone.

UPDATE: 2017

The MXR ESD repair kit is now available for sale at If you’re an experienced repairer and skilled with SMT repairs then you can purchase this kit. If in doubt, just post it to me and I’ll sort it for you. Note that some DynaComp are not SMT.

If you have a Dyna Comp repair with problems, please let me know.