Marshall 2554 JCM 800 combo repair

Marshall 2554 JCM 800 combo repair-4

This JCM800 combo repair came to me for a full service before the user sold it. It also had a common problem with the power light illumination.

I spotted a few things during the service. A bit of preventative action has hopefully made the amp a more pleasurable experience for the user.
Replacement Marshall JCM800 Switch
There were a couple of dry joints around the potentiometers. All three preamp valves failed test.

The valve socket for the preamp valve was damaged and required replacement – I used a new Belton PT range socket, I find these to be durable and high quality with a good solid fixing. The first valve socket was

The illumination switch would have been a nice simple job, except that the part sold by Hot Rox as a “Marshall JCM800 power switch” was too wide for the chassis slot. Fortunately I found a suitable replacement from RS. That’s one to beware of in future!

The owner was good enough to write me a nice review of the service. 🙂

Replacing power switch Marshall 2554 JCM800 combo repair-1
If you need a JCM800 Combo repair please get in touch and I’ll get it sorted for you.