Cornford Repair – MK50 ii

Cornford Repair

This Cornford repair came in for a service. Conford amps are often beautifully constructed amplifiers that sounds as good as they look! The owner uses the MK50 ii bias switch to use 6L6 and EL34 valves. He was using E34Ls (different to EL34s!!) and wished to have the valve amp biased to move the EL34s again. For further details of my service procedure, please see this page

There is some question over the future of Cornford after the departure of designer Martin Kidd (‘He’s so proud of it, he put his name on it!’ – see pic 😉 ). I don’t know how true all the gossip is. I don’t know how it may affect Cornford owners if they need their amps repairing, but I do know that if you have a Cornford repair or a valve amp bias job, you can get in touch. Your baby will be in safe hands!