Laney Repair – VC50

Laney Repair

Laney Repair

This Laney Repair was a mixed bag of several issues! The amp is a VC50 – 5 12AX7 valves and 2 6L6s in the output. This particular specimen has a strange an whine present whenever channel A’s spring reverb was used, also a faulty gain control on channel A, an intermittently working footswitch and a rather noisy pre-amp stage.

Since the amp is old and worth under £300 in used condition I advised the customer that an in depth repair might not be in his best financial interests. We agreed a price limit, within which I was able to fix the faulty gain knob, the reverb oscillation and the intermittent switch. This then allowed the customer to sell the amp in working condition and he put the money towards a new amp that suited his purposes more closely. Everyone was happy!

Forgot to photograph this one – apologies for the stock image!

If you have a Laney repair job that needs doing, please get in touch via the contact page.