Carlsbro Repair – Cobra 80

Carlsbro Repair

Carlsbro Repair – Cobra 80

The owner of this Carlsbro repair complained of an intermittent crackling and occasional dropout. The fault was found to be within the power supply – a not uncommon source of trouble in bass amp repairs.

One of the pins on the bridge rectifier had developed a hairline crack through the pin. It was mounted to the rear panel, and when the panel flexed, the power connection arced, creating the described noises.

This repair was easily finished within the diagnostic period. When I find a quick fix for customer’s amps I always perform a routine ‘mini service’ to ensure the customer gets their money’s worth.

They’re not bad little amps these old Carlsbro Cobras – I gigged for many years in a jazz band using a Cobra 45!

If you have a Carlsbro Repair job that needs doing please, get in touch.