Marshall MG Repair – MG15DFX, Ampworks, Newark

No job too small! This Marshall MG Repair was a simple job – I wouldn’t normally take a lower cost amp in to repair – with the cost of a 2nd hand replacement being around the £50 mark, more than an hours labour and the repair becomes uneconomical for the customer. But this little Marshall MG had only a minor ailment – the emulated out was not working. It was a simple job to check the resistive network that links the preamp to the socket – no fault there. Cleaning the socket improved the situation, but didn’t fix it entirely so the socket had to be replaced.

Note to customers – always keep sockets that you don’t used lubricated with some cheap electrical contact cleaner – only a couple of quid spent, the pot last for ages and you can clean guitar pots and switches as well as input sockets. Never use on a live amp.

Marshall MG repair MG15DFX

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