Wireless mic repair – Line 6 XD-V30

Wireless mic repair - line 6 XD-30

This wireless mic repair came in from the singer of Newark soul band the Acetones.

Both units powered up but no sound came from the receiver when the mic was used.

Upon investigation I discovered that the transmitter and receiver were able to communicate. They use 2.4GHz. The unit has 6 wireless channels, all of which were communicating, but not passing audio.

wireless mic repair

I discovered that the connection between the capsule and the transmitter was broken. The connection was made by 3 sprung pins on the transmitter and 3 concentric gold plated rings on the capsule. It’s a nice idea to allow easy swapping of capsules and easy manufacture, but here it wasn’t working properly! I soldered the two modules together permanently to ensure a good connection.

If you have a wireless mic repair, please get in touch.