HH amp Repair 

HH amp repair

I’ve seen and played most amps in my career in music retail and amp repair, but this HH amp Repair was a bit of a revelation. The clean channel is a thing of beauty.

It’s a full solid state oversized 1×12 combo with two independent channels. The tube emulation circuit seems to involve distorting a signal transformer. It’s OK but nothing special. The clean sounds on both channels are really great.

The amp needed repair because it was making a strange ticking noise when the reverb was turned up.

The reason for this turned out to be a lack of local decoupling on the reverb board. This is a fairly major design flaw, but the amp obviously ‘got away with it’ for the majority of its life, the problem only appearing as central filtering components aged.

Here’s a quick video of the HH amp repair, showcasing the crackling and ticking issue then the lovely clean sound when fixed.

If you have an HH amp repair job please get in touch.