Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update: Customer safety and and changes to service. (Updated 03/09/21)

At this time I’m still open and accepting repairs. Thank you to all customers who’ve continued to use my services in this difficult time. I encourage customers to use courier services to send me equipment wherever feasible. I’m happy to advise or help with this.

I decided continue non contact drop offs for a month and a half beyond the government’s July 19th opening up date. However now I’m back to ‘normalish’.

Please note the following changes to services:

  • I’m now open for collections and drop offs, with customers free to enter the workshop.
  • If you’d like a non contact drop off or collection that’s totally fine, just let me know and you can drop the amp outside and return to a safe distance.
  • I am fully vaccinated.
  • I’d encourage you to wear a face covering.
  • However, please note that I will NOT be wearing a mask or face covering. I feel I ought to say that this is not because I’m a ‘denier’ or ‘anti mask’. The risk of injury or death as a result of wearing steamed up glasses in my line of work far far outweighs the Covid risk to myself or customers.
  • Same day and next day services are back up and running.
  • As with any social interaction in these trying times, there is a risk of contagion. Enter at your own risk.

Stay safe, everyone.

  • Collections and drop offs are strictly on a non contact basis, please message for details.
  • All repair items are cleaned twice with Iso Propyl Alcohol, once when they arrive and once before they are returned to the customer.
  • All repairs are quarantined for 24 hours after arrival, so same day and next day services are cancelled.
  • Payment by Bank Transfer only.
  • I now request advance payment for parts costing £20 or greater, including valves. With so many jobs uncollected this is the only way I can operate.

As I’m sure you know, Covid-19 and the associated closure of venues, clubs and pubs is disastrous for our Music Industry. If there’s any way in which I can help, even if it’s just sharing your lockdown livestreams then please let me know.

Stay safe, everyone.