Wrong power supply repair – MXR Carbon Copy Repair

Here’s another MXR carbon copy repair – this one had been damaged by the use of the wrong power supply. I’ve repaired quite a few of these Carbon Copy pedals – the older ones are prone to an ESD related fault that’s quite easily fixed. This is the first carbon copy I’ve seen since MXR implemented the ESD fix on their production line. They use the exact same methods that I’ve been using since first discussing the repairs with MXR in 2013.

In this case, the owner had mistakenly plugged the pedal into the wrong power supply. This pulled a very high current into the pedal and burned out some components. Fortunately I had the parts in stock and was quickly able to fix the pedal with only a small cost to the customer. Whilst I don’t recommend plugging the wrong power supply into a pedal, it’s rarely a death sentence!

If you’ve plugged the wrong power supply into your pedal, don’t panic. Just drop me a line!.