Orange AD30R Repair – Valve amp Service

This Orange AD30R Repair came in semi-urgently for a full service. The customer had a gig with his band at the Bodega in Nottingham on the thursday and he brought me the amp on Monday night. I do offer an urgent 24 hour turnaround service but fortunately the customer didn’t need that, just a 48 hour turnaround!

After testing all the valves in my valve tester, I determined that the EL84s in the output stage were mismatched. It’s important to match output stage valves to ensure continued good amp health and reliable tone. Fortunately I hold stock of EL84 valves so it didn’t delay the service.

I confess I’ve had to use an Orange AD30R image from Google because I forgot to take a photo!

If you have a Orange AD30R Repair, please let me know and I’ll take a look!