Line 6 DT25 repair

Sadly I’m sharing the story of a line 6 DT25 repair nightmare.

The amp was blowing fuses. This was a relatively easy diagnosis despite a not very repair friendly construction. The power transformer was damaged, by a short, probably on the primary side.

After a bit of research it appears that the line 6 DT25 is prone to these failures.

I contacted Line 6 (owned by Yamaha) technical support for repair. It took a bit of persuasion to get a response, but I was finally directed to a third party company in Norwich called sontec, Yamaha’s spare parts dealer in the UK.

  • I ordered over the phone in December and was forewarned of a 6 week manufacturing lead time, which is reasonable. The part cost £90 something
  • After 8 weeks the customer services representatives on the phone still could give me no indication of delivery date.
  • In February they informed me that the part had been manufactured and it would be sent out within a couple of weeks.
  • After repeated phone calls I was finally informed on 2nd March the item had shipped from Europe. 5 1/2 weeks after the shipping date.
  • I was then informed on the 9th March that the item had arrived in the UK with Sontec and would be shipped out directly.
  • It was actually shipped a week later on the 16th, according the Sontec packing note.
  • It then arrived 4 months after ordering in a damaged condition, with the PCB connectors smashed.
  • Sontec were unable to provide replacement plugs or even a part number for me to buy my own, saying I’d have to wait for another transformer, subject to similar lead times. They did however refund £30 of the original cost
  • 3 months I’m still waiting for the replacement transformer but I’ve fashioned a fix for the damaged connectors and got the amp returned. I’m not confident that the replacement will ever arrive.

My customer was a retired pro musician from the golden era of British blues music. These days he records extensively and releases on reverb nation. You can check his current material here. He was understandably annoyed with the terrible support on the amp, but was kind enough to leave positive comments about my work.

Review. Rowan did a fantastic repair on my Line 6 DT 25 amp !! He quickly diagnosed the fault and expertly repaired it. I can highly recommend him !! He’s also a very nice man and that helps a lot !!

I’m a bit wary of taking on another DT25 repair. But if you’re in the same position do get in touch anyway.