Blackstar amp Repair – Series 1-45

This Blackstar repair was a simple valve amp service before the amplifier was sold. The amp is a series 1-45 2×12 combo. It’s a fantastic 2 channel amp with 4 modes, bright Clean, warm clean, Crunch and Super Crunch.

The amplifier uses Blackstar’s DPR and ISF patents, you can read more about Blackstar’s DPR on my valve amp attenuators page.

The amplifier was performing well, but a test on the valve tester turned up two faulty preamp valves which were replaced. The week before, I’d had another Blackstar amp repair, but as they’re a fairly new brand, I don’t get many Blackstar repairs!

Blackstar amps are one of the many types that I repair, please get in touch if you need my help.