Amp repair Guarantee

All my repair work is covered by my standard 6 month guarantee, as detailed on this page.


The guarantee is valid for 6 months from the invoice date. See here for more information on Guarantee Tiers.


Transferable ownership

If I do repair work on an amp that is sold within the guarantee period, the guarantee is valid for the new owner only if the new owner makes themselves known to me within two weeks of purchase. The purchase date must be verifiable by a receipt or invoice.

Example: I repair Bob’s amp 1st February. Bob sells it to Joe on 1st March. Joe informs me via the contact page that he’s bought Bob’s amp and sends a copy of the PayPal invoice (redacted if necessary) within 2 weeks. Joe is then covered by my guarantee until 31st July.

Parts guarantee exceptions

  • Valves are not covered by the guarantee. I test all valves at the time of installation, but I can’t offer a guarantee of their performance over time. Valve failures are unpredictable and are part of owning a valve amp.
  • Custom components are not covered by the guarantee. Including but not limited to all single source components, transformers, PCB assemblies and mechanical and cosmetic parts. I can’t guarantee things that I have no control over.

Further damage caused by the failure of the above detailed parts is not guaranteed.

Example: Debbie’s amp requires a new output transformer. This part is supplied through the manufacturer’s technical support. A further failure of this part within the guarantee period is not covered by Ampworks guarantee.

Limited repair

If I recommend work on the amp, but the customer declines, no guarantee is offered.

Example: I repair Bob’s amp. Whilst repairing an unrelated fault, I notice that the filter caps are showing signs of wear. I recommend changing them. For cost reasons Bob declines. Bob’s amp is not covered by the Ampworks guarantee.

Transport costs

Keld Ampworks is a local service. Customers may at their discretion choose to courier equipment to me for repair. Shipping/transport costs/petrol money are not included in the guarantee.

Example: Bob posts me a pedal for repair. I repair it and the pedal works fine, but breaks 4 months after repair. Bob posts the pedal back to me. The pedal is repaired once again free of charge. Bob pays return shipping costs.