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Every now and again, I get a vintage amp repair from the early days of amp manufacture. For what it’s worth, I call vintage amp repairs repairs that involve working on 60s and 70s equipment. Commonly, they’re vintage vox repair, vintage fender repair or vintage marshall repair. This page shows some of the work!

Culprit - Vintage Vox AC30 repair

Vintage Vox AC30 repair – Ampworks, Newark

Now, is it good things or bad things that come in threes? It must be good things. This was the third of three vintage vox ac30 repairs that came to me over a few weeks in summer 2015. Vintage amps have a particular smell and when there are 3 vintage vox amps in the workshop […]

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Vintage Vox Repair

Vintage Vox repair – 1961 AC30 repair

Shortly after the Confetti 1962 vintage ac30 repair arrived, this vintage Vox repair turned up on my bench too! The 1961 in the picture is on the right, the left amp is a 1970’s vintage vox, which you can read about here. This is (as far as I can tell) a 1961 model. It was […]

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