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I do get quite a few mesa boogie repairs at Ampworks. They do sound amazing when they’re working, but mesa boogie repairs are often quite expensive in comparison to other amplifier repairs. The reason for this is that Randall SMith and his team must spend a great deal of time thinking about how to ge the amp sounding beautiful, but very little time thinking about how to make a mesa boogie repair easy, when they go wrong (which all amp brands do at some point).

The sad fact is that the the longer it takes to work on an amp, the more expensive it gets. That said, I’ve worked on so many mesa boogie repairs that I’m getting quite used to the idiosyncrasies, and I’ve never yet found one that I couldn’t fix.

“Mesa-Boogie set a standard for new service nightmares with their PCB amps. Their choice to mount the card then attach wiring from all four sides is unbelievably ill-conceived.”

Kevin O’Connor, London Power (Retrieved August 2014)
This quote from Kevin O’Connor, a respected US amp builder and service engineer, sums up the biggest problem with the mesa boogie repairs. It sounds like a minor problem, so hopefully I’ve illustrated why this is, in Kevin’s words, a nightmare. You can see it illustrated in the picture on the mesa boogie maverick repair page.


This problem isn’t specific to Mesa boogie repair, they’re what you call persistent offenders.

I rate Mesa Boogie very highly in terms of their musicality, their pragmatic approach to design, but customers should expect the repairs to take a little longer, that’s all. All this said, I’m getting used to their idiosyncracies, so please, If you have a mesa boogie repair, get in touch.

Mesa Boogie Bass 400+ Repair

Mesa Boogie Bass amp Repair

This mesa boogie bass amp repair had the highest power valve count I’ve seen. The amp uses no less than twelve 5881 6L6 valves! Like the recent fender amp repair this valve amp was blowing fuses. Also like the fender repair, the failure was down to a damaged power tube. Two in fact. Much is […]

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