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Dual Rectifier Tremoverb Repair

Dual Rectifier Tremoverb repair – Mesa amp repair

This Tremoverb repair was  for a customer who was attempting a combo to head conversion. It’s a lovely lovely sounding amp, but the 2×12 speaker box in which it was housed was too heavy for the owner. The owner performed the conversion himself but in doing so, the hand wired input jack became disconnected so […]

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Mesa Boogie Repair - Dual Rectifier Maverick

Mesa Boogie Repair – Maverick (Dual Rectifier)

This Mesa Boogie repair was one of the nicest amps to play, but one of the longest repairs of the year I’m afraid! In this case, the Maverick had a problem with the channel switching. After a few minutes the rhythm channel would increase in volume, and the lead channel would bleed through an unpleasant […]

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