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I’m a Blackstar (Series One) user myself so it’s always interesting to see a Blackstar repair. These guys came from nowhere (well, Marshall!) and flooded the market with great valve amps.

The tricky thing with Blackstar repairs is that they cram a lot of technology into each amp and don’t release schematics, which can make more complicated repairs difficult. That said, Blackstar amps suffer from all the same problems as other valve amps – blown fuses, bad power valves – faulty valve bases, so if you have a Blackstar repair, please get in touch.

Blackstar amp repair

Blackstar amp Repair – Series 1-45

This Blackstar repair was a simple valve amp service before the amplifier was sold. The amp is a series 1-45 2×12 combo. It’s a fantastic 2 channel amp with 4 modes, bright Clean, warm clean, Crunch and Super Crunch. The amplifier uses Blackstar’s DPR and ISF patents, you can read more about Blackstar’s DPR on […]

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Blackstar Repair – HT40

Recently, a Blackstar amp repair was brought to my workshop in Newark. The amp was an HT40 (the Club 40 combo) in working condition, but the owner wanted to try a new set of EL34 power valves in the amp. He selected a matched pair of Tung Sol with slightly higher gain (according to my […]

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