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Dunlop MC404 CAE Wah Pedal repair

Dunlop MC404 CAE Wah pedal repair

In October last year I fixed this wah pedal repair for a lincoln customer. The pedal would not turn on, possibly as a result of the user plugging the wrong power supply in. Often pedals aren’t economical to repair, but a unit like this is normally worth it. In this case it was a fairly […]

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smoke machine repair

Smoke machine repair

A smoke machine repair, brought to my Newark workshop by a Grantham based DJ. This is a fairly simple unit: A power supply, a thermostat and a relay to control the power to the smoke heater. There is also an external remote on a 6.5mm 3 pole jack cable. The customer was finding that the […]

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LED lighting repair - Safety Earth repair

LED lighting repair – Unbranded LED Parcan

This LED lighting repair was a bit of a horror story! Aside from fixing the problems with the two lights brought in, they needed several modifications to improve the unit safety. They were brought to me by a Grantham based DJ. One of the lights wouldn’t power up, whilst the other had a flicker on […]

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DJ mixer repair KAM 1500 Stock image

DJ Mixer Repair – Kam KAP1500 Audio Pro

This DJ Mixer repair was a bit of a departure for me, but I did it for an old customer. The mixer is getting a bit long in the tooth: the send and PFL (pre fade listen) buttons were intermittent, the faders were scratchy and an intermittent fault with the echo unit. The faders were […]

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Trace Elliot GP12 Repair

Trace Elliot GP12 Repair – Keld Ampworks, Newark

The symptoms exhibited by this Trace Elliot GP12 repair were a loud hum and distortion evident during note decay. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to replicate the customer’s problem which makes repair difficult, so I took a number of steps. I left the amp on soak test for 2 hours, which involves heavily driving the output […]

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Fender Deluxe 90 DSP Repair

Fender Deluxe 90 DSP Repair

This is a Fender Deluxe 90 DSP Repair. It came to me with a an intermittent (but very loud when it happened) crackling noise. The problem was with the Digital FX unit and the main amp and was easy to fix once it presented itself. It was repaired under my minimum fee for 1 hour’s […]

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Guitar Pickup replacement Newark

Pickup replacement Newark

The majority of my work is amp repair, but occasionally I’m asked to do a pickup replacement by a customer who knows my work and trusts that I’ll do a good job. I’ve been changing pickups since long before I started amp repair so I’m always happy to take a pickup replacement job on. The guitar […]

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HH amp repair

HH amp Repair 

I’ve seen and played most amps in my career in music retail and amp repair, but this HH amp Repair was a bit of a revelation. The clean channel is a thing of beauty. It’s a full solid state oversized 1×12 combo with two independent channels. The tube emulation circuit seems to involve distorting a […]

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